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There are many clients who prefer to carry out their accounting and interpretation of the data themselves and not opt ​​for an accounting advice, but since they have never dealt with Amazon as sellers they do not know how to interpret it or how Amazon behaves at the accounting level. For that reason, in our accounting agency for Amazon we offer a variety of services at the accounting level, so that you can focus on the growth of your business and we on your accounting.

Our accounting management services for Amazon


This document collects the result of your business activity. It is the accounting result and it is the one that appears in the company’s annual accounts. At Datali Group we offer the possibility of providing our clients with a base document (without updating based on their data) so that they can reflect them themselves.

Seller Accounting on Amazon

As you focus on growing your business, we focus on your accounting. At Datali Group we know how to account for Amazon to provide personalized financial guidance. We offer two accounting advisory services for the seller on Amazon:

  • Setup: Study of the company and preparation of the monthly accounting report.
  • Monthly closing: We extract the Amazon reports, process the data and provide the information to the assigned manager / accountant.

What does the Amazon Seller Accounting Advisory Services include?

Setup service

Monthly closing service

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"We had been selling on Amazon for a long time and we were never sure if we were doing the accounting well, since our managers did not know how to do it. Thanks to Datali Group they advised us and since then they have been in charge of the accounting aspects of our internet sales."

Sergio López
Union Outlet

"We started selling through Amazon and other marketplaces and it was really very difficult for us to understand all the cost structures. We did not know if our business was being profitable. We contacted Datali Group and thanks to their financial study we now know our current status." .

José Esescún
HD Jewelry


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